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Hiring a skip is an effective way to clear waste in various situations, both domestically and commercially.

We provide affordable skip hire in Stourbridge and other areas of the West Midlands, delivering and collecting skips at a time that is convenient for you.

But when might you need to hire a skip?

House Renovations

You may be taking on a new DIY project in the house, refitting a kitchen or something on a bigger scale. When renovating a house, you are likely to be left with different types of waste to deal with. Hiring a skip can mean all your waste is put in one place and leave it to us to remove and sort. Save yourself those dreaded tip runs that leave you squeezing everything into the car, put the items in the skip and leave it to us to clear.

New Driveways

You may be getting a lovely new driveway but what about all the unwanted materials from your old one? This type of waste can be heavy and messy, it could potentially leave damage to your car if you attempt to remove it yourself. So, don’t worry about separating the types of waste and impacting your car, let our skip hire company in Stourbridge do it for you.

End of tenancies

As the end of your tenancy approaches, you may want to clear some household items that you aren’t taking with you. You may choose to do the numerous tip runs but as we’ve previously mentioned, it can cause damage to your car and soak up your time in the days. With hiring a skip in Stourbridge, you can avoid all this hassle and move out of your property with ease.

There are many other occasions that could leave you needing a skip. If you want to learn more about our skip hire in Stourbridge and the West Midlands, please call 01384 958025.


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