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Considering skip hire in Birmingham? Discover what you can and cannot put in a skip.

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Hiring a skip in Birmingham is an extremely convenient way of getting rid of waste from your home. As you start a general clear out or garden project, you will be left with all kinds of waste to deal with. It can be useful to understand what can and can’t be put in a skip, so that’s exactly what we are going to tell you.

What can I put in a skip?

Garden waste

- Compost
- Bricks
- Soil
- Sand
- Garden trimmings
- Branches, twigs etc.
- Wood
- Metal


- Furniture
- Sofas
- Gas cookers
- Food
- Cardboard
- Carpet
- Tiles

What can I not put in a skip?

Here are a few things that you can't put in a skip.


Asbestos is harmful and hazardous, something that a skip will not handle at all. You must call in an asbestos specialist to properly dispose of these materials or at least get advice on the least harmful way to clear it without posing any health  risks.


Can batteries go in a skip? The answer is no, as they contain some harmful things that need to be dealt with by a specific company that can dispose of them.


There are often specific places to take your old tyres, you can find out latest guidelines from the environmental agency and discover where to take these.

Gas cylinders

Whether they are full or empty, gas cylinders are not permitted to be put in a skip. An option to remove gas cylinders is to take it to a store where it can be reused and refilled.

Skip hire in Birmingham

If you have some materials and items that you would like to get cleared, you should consider Pegasus Skip Hire in Birmingham. We have various sizes of skips available for you to choose from and that will suit your project.

Still want to hear more about us? Check out what our customers say about our skip hire service in Birmingham!

To find out more about what you can and can't put in a skip, get in touch with our experts and we can help go through your options. Please complete our skip hire contact form or call us on 01384 958 025.


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